What's Your Position on TV Viewing?

We’ve pretty much established that MantelMount is the premier pull-down mount for flat screen televisions.  Once you pull the mount down and get it focused at eye level, you’re going to enjoy TV much more, while eliminating the neck and back pain that often happens from looking up at a TV that is placed too high on the wall. 

But then we got curious.  We started wondering, how do people watch TV once the MantelMount has been pulled down into position?  We’ll bring the picture down to the optimal viewing angle, but once we’ve done our part, what do our customers do?

After some very extensive (well, not that extensive) and highly scientific (well, not very scientific) research, we found an interesting website called Comic Vine.  On the site, someone posed a number of questions regarding TV-viewing positions, including:

  • Do you sit in front of the TV or off to the side?
  • Do your sitting preferences varying depending on which show or movie you’re watching?
  • Do you rest your head or do you prefer to sit up straight?
  • Do you use a pillow to support your back or head?

The responses ranged from the practical to strange to (almost) physically impossible.  Following is a sampling to prove beyond a doubt that although there is just one pulldown mount that will meet everyone’s viewing needs, there is no one-size-fits-all body position:

“I’m an experimental sitter, I go through about 4 different positions during a one-hour show, from sitting down in the perfect, health position (upper body to lower body at 90 degrees and so forth), to laying down on the sofa sideways in a star position.” - Posted by EnigmaLantern

  • “Flat on my back. Sitting is for suckers.” - Posted by longbowhunter
  • “Feet and legs on the wall back and head on bed and watching tv upside down but my legs do fall asleep after a while.” – Posted by HumanRocket
  • “In my underwears (sic) while eating Skittles” – Posted by russellmania77
  • Sit on a sofa/arm chair. Will either sit up right or recline.” – Posted by mrdeceptionleader
  • “I sit in a chair, hunched up in a ball.” – Posted by AllStarSuperman
  • I walk around in circles. – Posted by Marionettegeist

It’s possible that none of these positions will work for you, for one reason or another.  So in the interest of the public good, we did a little more research and found an article in the Chicago Tribune that provides some excellent TV-watching advice:

“Lying on the sofa or propped up in bed will damage ligaments and discs in your spine.  Sitting with good back support that maintains the natural curves in your spine is the most critical thing you can do to protect your joints from the stress that builds up and damages joints and ligaments.  The best position to avoid damaging your spine while watching TV or reading is in a recliner, which maintains your spine's natural curves.  If you don't have a recliner, then try lying on your side instead of your back.”

Regardless of the position you assume, we hope you gain the most enjoyment possible from watching your flat screen TV, something that MantelMount can guarantee.  Come to our site at www.mantelmount.com and order yours.  And start watching TV at the best possible angle – regardless of the position you assume while watching it.

We certainly hope you enjoy watching your TV more than TifaLockhart, one of the posters on Comic Vine who, when asked his favorite position for TV watching, offered a truly head-scratching response:

“TV? What's that?”