MantelMount & Thanksgiving: The Perfect Match-Up

OK, so you already know that MantelMount is absolutely the best pull-down mount on the market for flatscreen televisions, especially when you’re mounting above a fireplace.  Moves up and down, swivels left to right, heat-sensing handles, great construction.  Most importantly, MantelMount puts your TV at the perfect viewing angle, lowering it so that you are seeing the picture directly at eye level.  This eliminates the neck and back pain that can come from a TV mounted too high, either above the fireplace or up on the wall. 

MantelMount is a great product and will make your TV viewing more pleasurable and more comfortable any day of the year.  But we can make a strong case that it is absolutely ideal for Thanksgiving:

FOOTBALL, PART I: We know you’re going to be watching hours and hours of football on Thanksgiving.  Vikings-Lions at 12:30 p.m. EDT, followed by Redskins-Cowboys at 4:00, and capped off by Steelers-Colts at 8:30.  You won’t be able to watch every minute of every game (there’s a few minutes for dinner, plus Uncle Ed will want to tell you about his most recent operation), but you know you’re going to watch as much as you can.  Maybe 5-6 hours.  That much TV at the wrong height can leave you with a massive neck ache.  MantelMount to the rescue. 

FOOTBALL, PART II: When you’re watching a football game, you want to feel like you’re on the sidelines, not in the last seat of the stadium.  When you pull down MantelMount to eye level, you not only get closer to the action (the mount not only comes down up to 24” but also out 15 inches into the room), you feel like you’re at ground level.  You feel like one of the players.  So when the coach comes over to a player and yells at him for missing an assignment, you’ll be right there with him. 

MOUNT ENVY: Turn on your TV before your guests come over.  Then, when everyone is huddled around watching the first game, ask if anyone would like you to lower the TV.  Don’t even wait for an answer.  Just walk over, pull the TV down, and wait for the “oohs” and “ahhhs.”  Everyone will see how smoothly MantelMount moves.  How unobtrusive it looks on the wall.  How great the viewing angle is.  For at least a few minutes, you’ll have everyone’s attention – and Uncle Ed’s respect. 

FIRE IN THE HOLE: It’s great having a fire on Thanksgiving.  It not only makes the house warm and cozy, it creates an inviting atmosphere for your guests.  With MantelMount, you don’t have to choose between a fire and the optimal TV viewing angle.  MantelMount’s patented heat-sensing handles will let you know if the TV is getting too hot well before there’s a problem. 

THE DAY AFTER: Let’s face it, you’re not going to be at your best the day after Thanksgiving.  You’ll be too full, you’ll have a headache from listening to Uncle Ed, and you may even be recovering from too many adult beverages.  You’re not going to want to do anything expect sit on the couch and watch TV all day.  Now go back and see “FOOTBALL, PART I.”