Still Not Sure About Buying a MantelMount? Let's Talk.

We’re pretty sure that with MantelMount, we have the premier, pull-down flat screen TV mount in the industry.  From the standpoint of features, construction, cost, and ease of installation, we’ve got everyone else beat.  And that's not just us saying it.  It's our customers (check out our online reviews), our awards (including the CE Pro Best TV Mount at CEDIA 2016), and our media coverage that do the talking for us.  

But there are still some skeptics out there.  Some people need more convincing than others.  That’s fine.  We get it.  In fact, we welcome every opportunity to highlight the advantages of MantelMount vis a vis our competition.  So let’s address some of the objections and concerns that you may have to purchasing a MantelMount. 

Is it a good idea to put a TV over the fireplace?

Before MantelMount, the answer might have been “no.”  The fact is, placing a TV above the fireplace is a popular mounting option: not only is it often the only open wall space in a room, it makes the TV the focal point of the room, which many people like from an aesthetic perspective.  But there’s a big tradeoff: when you mount your TV above the fireplace, it is generally well above eye level, which is the optimal viewing angle for TV watching.  What’s more, watching TV above eye level can lead to neck and back pain, caused by tilting your head back into an unnatural position. 

MantelMount brings your TV down to eye level – in fact, it lowers the TV a full 24 inches from the mounted position (26 inches with the professional version).  This creates the perfect viewing angle as well as eliminating the neck and back issues that can arise.  And it allows you to utilize that nice big space above the fireplace, or even an open space high up on a wall.

What if I want to have a fire while I’m watching TV?

With other mounts, this could be a problem.  But MantelMount has patented, heat-sensitive handles that begin to glow red when the temperature goes above 110 degrees (F).  At that point, you can either put the TV back up or put out the fire.  So while we do not encourage customers to have their TV in the lowered position when the fireplace is on, these heat-sensing handles will ensure that the safety of your TV – and of your family members – is paramount. 

Do I need to get a professional to install it?

If you don’t want to be bothered with the installation, there are any number of professional electronics people who can put MantelMount in for you.  But if you are even the least bit handy, you can put it in yourself in about 60-90 minutes.  We have a marketing guy who is about as handy as a one-armed monkey, but he was able to put it in himself with no problem.  If he can do it, anyone can do it.  This is the ultimate DIY project

Doesn’t it cost too much?

There are mounts you can buy for under $100.  There are mounts that are even under $50.  But they have serious issues.  The big one is that they do not move up and down, so you can’t mount the TV above the fireplace.  But there’s more.  Even the ones that do move vertically are, by and large, poorly constructed from inferior materials.  MantelMount’s patented construction combines high-quality automotive pistons with lightweight alloys.  That means it will last – and it will protect the investment you’ve made in that beautiful flatscreen TV that your spouse didn’t want you to buy but now can’t stop watching.  The bottom line is, do you really want to hoist your $700 flat screen up onto a $100 TV mount?  Secure your investment and have peace of mind.

How easy is it to move up and down?

MantelMount features state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, allowing virtually anyone to easily pull a large flat screen TV down off the wall, suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace, and swivel it left or right.  So if your child wants to move it to watch Zootopia for the 237th time at 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, they can do it themselves (assuming they can reach it).  And you can stay in bed until you hear the sound of the bottle of apple juice crashing on the floor.  The fact is, it is so easy, that at trade shows, we like to show off by raising and lowering a 60-inch TV with just two fingers.  (You can do it with just one finger, assuming that finger has an active gym membership.)

Any other questions?

You might have other objections to buying MantelMount, but we’re confident that we’ve addressed the main ones.  If you have others, go to and you’ll likely get your concerns addressed.  If you still have questions, contact us at 800.897.9755 or