MantelMount puts your TV where you want it

Novel swing down design saves your neck When we got out 65-inch Vizio 4K TV we were proud, and delighted. It took two tries to get it mounted, resulting in having to rip out the wall and put in 2x4 studs, re-plaster and paint the wall. And then we watched House of Cards the only 4K show available at the...

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Mantel Mount Makes TV Swing

Honestly, in Bangkok there aren’t many fireplaces, but the Mantel Mount is much more versatile than you might think. In my edit suite, I have times when I am editing that I need my 60″ 4K UHD monitor down low at eye level. Then when I have clients come in for a viewing it really needs to be up high. The...

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MantelMount: Fireplace, Meet Television

Not everyone needs, or has, a fireplace. Modern houses, small apartments lack them and folks in Hawaii or Florida probably don’t miss them. But for everyone with a fireplace of any size, either in a log cabin or a classic New York City townhouse, you probably don’t have it running every season. And when you aren’t gathered around it for...

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MantelMount selected for a Vesta Award for Outdoor Room Equipment

VISTA, CA (March 14, 2016) – MantelMount, the premier mounting option for flatscreen televisions, has received two major awards recognizing the product’s unique functionality and design.At the recently concluded HPBExpo in New Orleans, MantelMount was named a winner of The Vesta Award for Best Outdoor Room Equipment. The Vesta Awards were created by Hearth & Home magazine to recognize and...

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Five Smart Products to Create the Home of the Future Today

MantelMount, a specialized bracket for wall-mounted flat-screen TVs that are mounted above a mantel, sets the screen TV at a 9-degree downward angle for viewing and has an extension arm that can lower the TV up to 24 inches for eye-level viewing. The easy-install unit accommodates TVs from 48 to 80 inches, and includes paintable bracket covers for seamless installation....

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