Meet the CEDIA Noobs at Innovation Alley

Beginner. Novice. Learner. Apprentice. Neophyte. Greenhorn. Rookie. Padawan. Whatever word you want to use, at one point every company was a first time exhibitor at CEDIA EXPO. Traditionally these companies have been located in an area called Rookie Row, but this year the area has been renamed Innovation Alley and it’s where the CEDIA Expo newbies will introduce their companies to the custom installation world. 

According to CEDIA, Innovation Alley is where you can find “new manufacturers breaking into the industry and discover new products and vendors that are bringing fresh innovation into the market.”

I always enjoy visiting these up-and-comer companies as you never know when you’ll discover something that will be your company’s must-have item for the coming year. These companies are often small and you get to meet with the founders who share their passion and vision for the product. The booths are usually smaller and less crowded so you can really get an opportunity to talk to them and get to experience the product and see if it is right for your company. 

This year, 18 manufacturers are slated to exhibit on the Alley, which is located in a prime spot near Paradigm (Sound Room 1), TiVo (Booth 4450), and Fortress Seating (Booth 4446). I reached out to a handful of these innovators prior to the show to find out how long they've been in business, why they decided to come to EXPO and why you should consider making the Alley part of your show plan!

MantelMount, RR3
The youngest company on Innovation Alley is barely celebrating its first year in business. Founded in August 2014, MantelMount is a full-range, up/down/left/right motion mount that “makes every seat in the room the best seat in the house!” according to business development manager, Claire Miller. 

MantelMount addresses the issue that many customers wanting to mount a TV over the fireplace face, namely a screen that can be a tad too high for comfortable, everyday viewing. Miller explained, “MantelMount is a revolutionary full-motion TV Wall mount that allows you to bring a large flat screen TV off-the-wall, down to eye-level.”

Another unique product twist is that MantelMount’s hardware includes heat-sensing technology to make sure nothing gets too hot.

“We realized the MantelMount helps dealers and installers create a unique and profitable portfolio,” Miller said, “and we are excited to meet new and existing dealers/installers and educate them about our product.”

MantelMount was nominated for Best New Product and it has been receiving glowing five-star reviews from customers. If you install flat panel TVs, MantelMount could be exactly the mount your company has been missing!


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