Meet the CEDIA Noobs at Innovation Alley

Beginner. Novice. Learner. Apprentice. Neophyte. Greenhorn. Rookie. Padawan. Whatever word you want to use, at one point every company was a first time exhibitor at CEDIA EXPO. Traditionally these companies have been located in an area called Rookie Row, but this year the area has been renamed Innovation Alley and it’s where the CEDIA Expo newbies will introduce their companies...

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MantelMount Above Fireplace Adjustable TV Mount

There are plenty of TV mounts available these days. Not all of them allow you to adjust the angle of your TV after you have installed them. The MantelMount is different. It is an above the fireplace TV mount that lets you pull a large flat screen TV off the wall, swivel it left or right, and suspend it in...

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One for the mantelpiece

In November 2014, MantelMount launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital needed to start manufacturing its pull-down, over-the-fireplace TV mount – and was overwhelmed by the support. “Our Kickstarter campaign exceeded our expectations, attracting pledges worth over 400% of the original goal. We then knew that we definitely had a product people wanted,” says MantelMount president Chuck Geiling. The additional funds garnered...

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Tech Startup MantelMount is Changing the Way You Watch TV

People worldwide love their television sets, and Americans are definitely no exception. In fact, the latest research indicates that 116.3 million of the 123.2 million U.S. households contain at least one TV. With this in mind, many tech companies and startups have made it their primary business to improve the home entertainment experience. During the past few years, we have seen 3D TVs and 4K...

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Audiogurus Review: MantelMount Fireplace TV Mount

I have never been in this situation before—I’ll just admit it. Normally I’m pretty unbiased and aloof when I do a product review. The problem is, I came up with an idea about six years ago for a television mount that would lower the TV in front of a fireplace mantel. I say that I had the idea because it’s something I...

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